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Sponsored by Entrepreneur magazine, this site provides wisdom on the marketing, advertising, financial and legal aspects of entrepreneurship.
Although this site has a specific focus on female entrepreneurs, it is rife with news articles, blogs and communication boards for effective assessment of your entrepreneurial ideas.
This site offers a wealth of information relative to the business end of technology entrepreneurship and commercialization addressing such disciplines as finance, law, advertising and technology.
InnovationTools is a web site providing tools, strategies and techniques to help you generate innovative, productive and valuable ideas.
SolutionPeople provides services that help innovators create ideas that have matured into award-winning business solutions. The site is a catalog of their services with downloadable articles, tips and tricks to stimulate your creative side. provides the visitor with real and useful principles, tools, articles and quotes about using creativity to create and test ideas.
The site includes tools, tips and guidelines to help you start, build and grow your business.
This site contains entrepreneurial education and business tools to enable the formation, growth and success of small businesses nationwide.
Provides a look at cutting edge R & D and commercilization ideas pursued throughout the United States.