The following are representative companies that have benefited from CIVET's Services.

Fluimetrics was founded in 2010 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, with the aim of commercializing microfluidic diagnostic technologies. Fluimetrics will provide complete diagnostic solutions for clinicians and researchers by providing disposable test chips along with supporting instrumentation and reagents. Our proprietary, in-house microfluidic prototyping technologies allow us to quickly develop and optimize deployable microfluidic chip designs. These injection molded chips are an ideal platform for disposable diagnostics. We are continuing to expand our prototype and production capabilities, and partnering with developers to bring novel, effective, and highly competitive microfluidic diagnostic systems to the market.

Nutrasorb, LLC develops and markets proprietary health-enhancing functional foods and ingredients with naturally concentrated bioactives from fruits and vegetables. Nutrasorb, LLC pioneers the use of a proprietary, groundbreaking process that naturally concentrates the beneficial phytonutrients from fruits and vegetables in amounts sufficient to promote health and wellness. The process uses only GRAS ingredients and no solvents or synthetic chemicals and resins. Our science-based, tasty, natural, and shelf-stable functional foods and ingredients deliver an effective daily dose of antioxidants, polyphenols, and other phytonutrients in a few servings, while reducing sugars and unwanted calories. Nutrasorb® technology is green and environmentally friendly, generating no waste or pollution. It was invented by leading researchers from major U.S. universities, who joined forces to create a new generation of innovative, nutritional products for the benefit of humankind. The first generation of functional food products developed by the company includes cereals, smoothies, crisps, bars, and spreads. These products were designed and formulated by the world's leading food engineers.
The VenousProTM brand, developed by Vasculogic LLC, is a new medical device designed to safely, consistently, and accurately draw blood from, or connect an IV to, a patient while eliminating human error. The device utilizes a 3-D infrared technology to locate a patient's vein and a small robotically controlled needle to perform the insertion. This process completely eliminates human error and ensures that the vein can always be located. There are currently several competitors on the market, including the current standard of care in which a medical professional uses the traditional method (of trial and error) to locate, and puncture, the vein. In addition, two other device companies utilize infrared technology to locate the vein. Our product enjoys a competitive advantage due to its use of 3-D mapping for vein location and fully automated puncturing capability.
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