Our course offering entitled "Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Science and Technology," introduces and outlines the fundamentals of technology innovation and entrepreneurship and introduces a framework for identification of high-potential opportunities, gathering required resources, and readying the innovation toward commercializable product. The course places a specific focus on commercialization derived from scientific and technological research and fosters an understanding of:

  • major components of the life cycle from research to innovation to commercialization
  • practical methods to evaluate and further potential commercialization opportunities

Through a collection of lectures and readings that address high-growth ventures in energy, information technology, electronics, life sciences, bioengineering and related industries, this course provides the student with the tools necessary to successfully identify a true business opportunity, and to begin and grow a technology enterprise.

This program is available to Rutgers University Undergraduate Juniors, Seniors, Graduate students and Faculty members. The class codes are:

14:440:404 (undergraduate 3 credit)
16:125:618:01 (graduate 3 credit)